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Issues Related To The Family Law

At Taylor Lee & Associates LLC, we help immigrants find solutions to family law issues. Some problems related to family law can affect your immigration status, so it is essential to work with a lawyer who understands both.

Divorce And Immigration Lawyer In Atlanta

We assist with a wide range of issues related to family law, including:

The dissolution of marriages: If you married someone in your homeland, it must be dissolved before the wedding you marry someone in the United States. This is especially important if you plan to apply for an I-601 exemption. To obtain an I-601 waiver, you must be married to a US citizen. You cannot legally marry a citizen of the United States if you are still married to someone in your homeland.

Name changes:

When our attorneys help with name changes, we will take steps to ensure that changes do not cause problems with immigration issues in the future.

Requests for legitimation:

In most countries, custody rights are granted to the father. But in the United States, custody tends to charge the mother. In the United States, a father must claim a child.

Obtain birth certificates:

Many processes require birth certificates. We can help you obtain birth certificates for you and your family so you can apply for the DACA, I-601 waivers or other programs.

Amendments to birth certificates:

We can help with changes to birth certificates, such as making sure that the names match all of your children’s birth certificates.

Family Law must guarantee the rights of women and children:

The Family Law must be a guarantor of the Human Rights of women and children, in addition to serving the best interest of the child embodied in international treaties,” said Deputy Socorro de la Luz Quintana Leon , who considered that it is necessary to reform article 335 of the Family Code of the State of Michoacán de Ocampo so that it is established that the only evidence to invalidate the presumption of paternity is the DNA Expert.

The legislator, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the PRI in the State Congress, recalled that the Act provides in its article 334 that in the case of a heterosexual marriage, “children of spouses are presumed” children born after one hundred and eighty days counted from the celebration of marriage; and the children born within three hundred days following the dissolution of the wedding, whether this is the nullity of the contract, divorce or death of the husband. In the first two cases, the term will be counted since court order in fact separated the spouses.

Hipaa Law And The Confidentiality Of Medical Information

Know your rights

What is the HIPAA law?

It is a federal law of 1996 that is known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Its acronym (HIPAA) comes from the original title, which is “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.”

This law establishes guidelines to protect the confidentiality and privacy of patient information and medical information.

To whom does the HIPAA Act apply?

  • To all those entities that transmit electronically or store health information, such as:
  • Most doctors, nurses, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and many other healthcare providers
  • Health insurers, health conservation organizations and most of the employers’ group health plans,
  • Government programs that pay for medical care, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

What does the HIPAA Act require of health service providers?

  • Health service providers must
  • Guarantee the rights to patient privacy
  • Adopt written privacy procedures that include: who has access to the protected information, how it will be used and when it will be disclosed;
  • Ensure that business associates preserve the privacy of health information;
  • Teach employees the provider’s privacy procedures and
  • Appoint a privacy officer responsible for ensuring that security procedures are followed.

What is the protected health information?

It is defined as any health information that identifies the person referred (name, social security, etc.) and that is transmitted electronically or maintained on paper by an entity to which the HIPAA Law applies.

What are patient rights protected by this law?

You can request authorization to see your medical history and other information about your health. Also, you can receive a copy of it. It is possible that in some particular cases you cannot access all the data. In most cases, the copies must be given to you within 30 days, but in some cases, if there is a reason that justifies it, it can be extended for another 30 days. You may have to pay the costs of the copies and shipping if requested.

Correct information about your health

You can request that the wrong information in your file be modified, or that information is added if it is incomplete. For example, if a hospital and you agree that the result of an analysis that appears in your file is incorrect, the hospital must modify it. Even if the hospital considers that the result is correct, you have the right to have your disagreement included in the file.

Right to be notified about how your health information is used and shared

You have the right to know how your health provider or insurer uses and shares your health information. You must be given a notice stating how your health information will be used and shared and how you can exercise your rights. In most cases, you should receive notification at the first consultation with a provider or your health insurer will send it to you by mail. You can request a copy.

Business And Economic Law

Economic Law – We offer you full advice

The details matter. Thanks to our experience, we offer you the best advice to start your own business, consolidate it or give you the boost you need. The Dr. Wiesflecker knows this market in depth. Your experience allows you to foresee the possible disadvantages that you may not realize at the beginning. Therefore it will help you to minimize the risks.

Our firm in Houston offers the following services:

  • Advice on the creation of new companies
  • Consultation with one of our real estate litigation attorney
  • Creation of a business plan and information for the start-up of your company
  • Choosing the right type of company and its location
  • Help to make national and international contacts
  • Regrouping, restructuring and merging companies
  • Management of the financial situation and business management with banks, commercial partners, suppliers, public bodies, etc.
  • Joint advice with tax advice on tax issues
  • Clarifications on issues related to liability rights, competition rights, and intellectual property rights Business and economic rights
  • Clarifications on Real Estate property and real estate transaction such as owner financing or wrap around mortgages.

CENTRAL LAW, at the 3rd International Congress of Business, Accounting and Business Law of Colombia

In the framework of the 3rd International Congress of Business, Accounting and Business Law, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, the lawyer Andrés Ceara Brugal, member of  CENTRAL LAW, participated as an international speaker, representing the Dominican Republic.

In his presentation on “Mergers and Acquisitions – International Tendency – Case: Dominican Republic,” he said that there continues a trend towards “cross-border” (international) investments increasingly marked by operations executed between Latin American countries, according to what they point out international studies regarding Mergers or Acquisitions. In this regard, he said that “the Dominican Republic is a market for acquisitions, where mergers appear exceptionally.”

During his participation, Mr. Ceara Brugal indicated that “there are infinite ways to articulate the operations of buying and selling companies, among which the sale of assets or the acquisition of the share capital of the entity that carries out the commercial activity stand out.” “The choice of legal structure will always depend on the specific circumstances.” “In any case, it is a process deeply influenced by figures of Anglo-Saxon law, alien to continental law, incorporated only by the autonomy of the will of the parties.”

“In our country, the process of Due Diligence takes on crucial importance, in the absence of a centralized information entity, the lawyer must conduct extensive and exhaustive research to eliminate all variables that pose a risk to the operation, “he said.…