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Economic Law – We offer you full advice

The details matter. Thanks to our experience, we offer you the best advice to start your own business, consolidate it or give you the boost you need. The Dr. Wiesflecker knows this market in depth. Your experience allows you to foresee the possible disadvantages that you may not realize at the beginning. Therefore it will help you to minimize the risks.

Our firm in Houston offers the following services:

  • Advice on the creation of new companies
  • Consultation with one of our real estate litigation attorney
  • Creation of a business plan and information for the start-up of your company
  • Choosing the right type of company and its location
  • Help to make national and international contacts
  • Regrouping, restructuring and merging companies
  • Management of the financial situation and business management with banks, commercial partners, suppliers, public bodies, etc.
  • Joint advice with tax advice on tax issues
  • Clarifications on issues related to liability rights, competition rights, and intellectual property rights Business and economic rights
  • Clarifications on Real Estate property and real estate transaction such as owner financing or wrap around mortgages.

CENTRAL LAW, at the 3rd International Congress of Business, Accounting and Business Law of Colombia

In the framework of the 3rd International Congress of Business, Accounting and Business Law, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena, the lawyer Andrés Ceara Brugal, member of  CENTRAL LAW, participated as an international speaker, representing the Dominican Republic.

In his presentation on “Mergers and Acquisitions – International Tendency – Case: Dominican Republic,” he said that there continues a trend towards “cross-border” (international) investments increasingly marked by operations executed between Latin American countries, according to what they point out international studies regarding Mergers or Acquisitions. In this regard, he said that “the Dominican Republic is a market for acquisitions, where mergers appear exceptionally.”

During his participation, Mr. Ceara Brugal indicated that “there are infinite ways to articulate the operations of buying and selling companies, among which the sale of assets or the acquisition of the share capital of the entity that carries out the commercial activity stand out.” “The choice of legal structure will always depend on the specific circumstances.” “In any case, it is a process deeply influenced by figures of Anglo-Saxon law, alien to continental law, incorporated only by the autonomy of the will of the parties.”

“In our country, the process of Due Diligence takes on crucial importance, in the absence of a centralized information entity, the lawyer must conduct extensive and exhaustive research to eliminate all variables that pose a risk to the operation, “he said.…