Issues Related To The Family Law

At Taylor Lee & Associates LLC, we help immigrants find solutions to family law issues. Some problems related to family law can affect your immigration status, so it is essential to work with a lawyer who understands both.

Divorce And Immigration Lawyer In Atlanta

We assist with a wide range of issues related to family law, including:

The dissolution of marriages: If you married someone in your homeland, it must be dissolved before the wedding you marry someone in the United States. This is especially important if you plan to apply for an I-601 exemption. To obtain an I-601 waiver, you must be married to a US citizen. You cannot legally marry a citizen of the United States if you are still married to someone in your homeland.

Name changes:

When our attorneys help with name changes, we will take steps to ensure that changes do not cause problems with immigration issues in the future.

Requests for legitimation:

In most countries, custody rights are granted to the father. But in the United States, custody tends to charge the mother. In the United States, a father must claim a child.

Obtain birth certificates:

Many processes require birth certificates. We can help you obtain birth certificates for you and your family so you can apply for the DACA, I-601 waivers or other programs.

Amendments to birth certificates:

We can help with changes to birth certificates, such as making sure that the names match all of your children’s birth certificates.

Family Law must guarantee the rights of women and children:

The Family Law must be a guarantor of the Human Rights of women and children, in addition to serving the best interest of the child embodied in international treaties,” said Deputy Socorro de la Luz Quintana Leon , who considered that it is necessary to reform article 335 of the Family Code of the State of Michoacán de Ocampo so that it is established that the only evidence to invalidate the presumption of paternity is the DNA Expert.

The legislator, a member of the Parliamentary Group of the PRI in the State Congress, recalled that the Act provides in its article 334 that in the case of a heterosexual marriage, “children of spouses are presumed” children born after one hundred and eighty days counted from the celebration of marriage; and the children born within three hundred days following the dissolution of the wedding, whether this is the nullity of the contract, divorce or death of the husband. In the first two cases, the term will be counted since court order in fact separated the spouses.

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